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Gulf Rubber Design And Manufacture Industry Leading Products You Can Rely On

We supply specialised compression and injection rubber and plastic components to leaders in automotive, mining, construction, water, and other industries. With 40+ years’ experience, we’re experts in highly technical and critical OEM applications. We can design, manufacture, and deliver the highest quality products to suit your requirements.

Make Your Production Process Smarter, Faster, And More Cost Efficient

Our leading research and development team is at the forefront of global innovation. As part of the Skellerup Group, we draw on over 100 years of expertise to push the boundaries of what is possible. We can use our knowledge to streamline your production processes and make them more cost efficient on a large scale, without compromising on quality.

Gulf Rubber Australia – Specialist Rubber Manufacturer in Australia

Gulf Rubber Australia (GRA) is one of Australia’s high-profile design and manufacturing companies, specialising in the compression and injection of rubber and plastic components. Partnering with original equipment manufacturers in a number of industries such as pipes and fittings, automotive couplings and check valves, GRA also supports a large range of clients requiring unique and bespoke designs for one-off applications.

Acknowledged globally for quality and precision, GRA is supported by a blue-chip supply line, enhancing project management accuracy, and placing the company in the highest regard as the leading Australian rubber manufacturer.

A Complete Five-Star Australian Service for Rubber and Plastics Manufacturing

When manufacturers first take a look at GRA, they are often mistaken in thinking that we simply take designs and go straight to mould creation. Nothing could be further from the truth. In our experience, clients are usually unaware of the processes involved in the creation of the part they require. The result is often a pleasant surprise as they find GRA can roll out a program from design to delivery, often showing product improvements along the way. With over 40 years of experience on hand, we have the expertise and in-house knowledge of many different industrial sectors such as:

With strong growth from inception, GRA quickly found blue-chip clients across Europe, North America and Asia. In 2006, the company was acquired by Skellerup Holdings and became a subsidiary in its formidable industrial division.

Are You Looking for a Supplier or a Partner in Rubber Manufacturing in Australia?

When we meet with our clients for the first time, it’s generally clear that although there is a process for rubber & plastics manufacturing and an important delivery deadline, companies are looking for somebody to supply parts made of rubber or plastic. By the end of the first consultation, there’s usually a new idea that GRA is going to make a great partner in the delivery of a new product or component part. This is because we believe the best results come through close consultation and timely project management. Also, via a full understanding of the wider objectives and the critical path required for timely completion with no budget overrun.

We have a customer service focus which has won company contracts with global giants such as Mercedes, BMW and Dupont. We are proud to have been their project partners and to have delivered beyond their expectations.

The Industrial Rubber Manufacturers You Can Trust

The quality of your end products depends substantially on the quality of the components as you can’t have one part letting the whole assembly down. That is why you seek out the best suppliers, and it’s exactly why our customers come to us. We take what we do as industrial rubber manufacturers very seriously indeed. This ranges from the way our rubbers are made to ensuring their suitability for the job our customers need.

We have been rubber products suppliers since 1980, and in that time, we’ve made considerable advances. At first, we were just making rubber products to order, but as we came to understand more about what our customers were using rubber for, we took the step into manufacturing specialised products for the automotive, construction, mining and water industries. When we see a potential for improvement, we investigate it and validate if it does what it claims to do. We’re part of the Skelleup Group, which gives us not only access to even more experience in this field but purchasing power to reduce buying costs, which we can then pass on to our customers.

Not only can we provide both standard and bespoke products, but our engineering team can work with you to target and solve problems, come up with concepts that may have been eluding you and bring cohesion and streamlining to systems that maybe been on the right lines but just a little clunky.

Rubber Products Manufacturers in Australia

As rubber products manufacturers, we don’t operate in one of the world’s alluring professions. Rubber parts manufacturing is all about the low-key products that makes things work, and we’re happy to be the back-room guys, producing no-nonsense essential parts. The people who appreciate us are the professionals, those who understand the technology used by rubber and plastics manufacturers; as well as the high specification and fine materials used to make them.

Get in Touch for a No-Obligation Review of Your Rubber & Plastics Manufacturing Needs

The chances are that you are reading this as part of your search for a solution to a manufacturing problem. It’s the usual starting point with so many of our clients. What we find is that an exploratory consultation usually determines the follow-on steps. In order to facilitate this type of initial fact-find, we have engineers, skilled in first-look reviews and ready to chat with you about your project. If you would like to follow this route, you can either phone our head office in Sydney on 02 8723 6100 or complete our contact form here on the website. One of our team will call you back at your convenience. So if you’re thinking about which rubber manufacturer in Australia you’re going with, we will gladly go through a thorough discussion with you to help you with your decision.

We love a challenge, and we love to help by applying ourselves to a problem that’s within our wheelhouse as industrial rubber manufacturers. Your success is our success, so if we can contribute with the quality of our products, that’s a good day’s work for us. And if you want confirmation of our continued commitment as a rubber products supplier, just look at our name: we’re Gulf Rubber and proud of it. Read Less

Quality Assurance

It’s our goal to ensure you never experience production downtime, expensive repairs, or frustrating warranty claims. That’s why all Gulf factories around the world, and all third-party factories that supply to Gulf, meet the quality standards required for ISO 9001 or IATF 16949.

Our products are manufactured to precise specifications with tight tolerances. When you partner with Gulf, you can have complete peace of mind knowing you will always receive the highest quality components.

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Since 1980, Gulf Rubber’s specialised rubber and plastic engineers have designed bespoke, technical solutions for our partners across the globe. If you have a problem you can’t solve, a concept you can’t pinpoint, or a fragmented process you wish to simplify, we can help.

We’ll get to know your product and application, design a new solution, and use our experience to improve your business outcomes.