Injection Moulding in Brisbane

Gulf specialises in engineered plastic components for critical applications that demand tight tolerances, reliable quality control, and long term production repeatability. We offer an extensive range of products across the automotive, industrial, agriculture, tapware, and general potable and non-potable water industries.

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We offer an extensive range of products across the automotive, industrial, agriculture, tapware, and general potable and non-potable water industries.

At Gulf Rubber, our modern and extensive manufacturing capability means we can produce a wide variety of components in a number of different materials. And since no two requirements are the same, we provide a fully customised solution including injection moulding in Brisbane. Read more


In-house toolmaking

Rapid prototyping

Quality Assurance

Material expertise

Customised design offering

Quality Assurance

It’s our goal to ensure you never experience production downtime, expensive repairs, or frustrating warranty claims. That’s why all Gulf factories around the world, and all third-party factories that supply to Gulf, meet the quality standards required for ISO 9001 or IATF 16949.

Our products are manufactured to precise specifications with tight tolerances. When you partner with Gulf, you can have complete peace of mind knowing you will always receive the highest quality components.

Custom Design Capability

At Gulf, we thrive on the opportunity to innovate. If you need a custom product or solution, then our trusted engineers, chemists, and technologists will work tirelessly to deliver above and beyond your expectations. Whatever your specifications or requirements, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got the strategic partner who can solve the problem.

Providing Injection Moulding in Brisbane

The simple principle behind injection moulding Brisbane makes it a popular process that’s used to produce a large proportion of all plastic products, whatever their size and complexity. Melting plastic until it’s sufficiently malleable and then injecting it under pressure into a mould cavity until it completely fills the space before solidifying creates components that can be of different sizes, strengths, level of detail and with varying characteristics.

A Complete Service for Brisbane Custom Injection Moulding

The flexibility of plastic moulding Brisbane makes it ideal for everything from low volume and technical products, including prototypes, through to high volumes of production. For the former, we can be heavily involved in the development of new products while mass production is undertaken with a consistency of features and quality, no matter how many items are produced. That’s because we handle everything associated with production in-house, from initial concept through to final delivery, and so have full control of all aspects so whether you need injection moulding in Melbourne or injection moulding in Sydney, we can do it for you.

We have an in-house technical design team that can work with you on the development of a component, refining designs until the component is exactly as it needs to be. We have large stocks of materials and can choose the most suitable one for the application. We also have available a wide range of machinery, with different sizes and capabilities, and so can produce items from the smallest and most delicate part right up to large and sturdy products that can withstand the roughest of use.

To complete the process, we also design and make the moulds, generally from aluminium since this is cost-effective and speeds processing. We reduce the cost of these moulds as far as possible by taking out unnecessary and cosmetic features, eliminating undercuts and modifying and re-using moulds where possible. Our aim all along is to produce the components for injection moulding in Australia you need in the quickest, most reliable and most cost-effective manner.

Achieving Plastic Moulding Services Reliability in the Best and Most Efficient Way for Brisbane

The nature of plastic injection moulding in Brisbane means that, once the design is agreed upon and the mould is made, the manufacturing of the component is extremely fast and the whole process can be completed in a matter of days for urgent requirements. This, along with the consistency of output, means the process has replaced traditional methods for many applications. It is now used for many products that include automotive rubber manufacturers dashboards and bumpers, crates and boxes, electrical switches, telephone casings, bottles and bins.

Working with us and utilising our design, plastic and Australian rubber manufacturing experience and skills, you can revolutionise the way you produce components. This can result in reduced costs, higher reliability and quality of products, much faster production and the ability to innovate and achieve technical excellence. Get in touch today and we’ll show you how we can achieve all of that.

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